A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body.
It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

But when you’re one of the millions of us who has dieted over and over again, only to see the weight pile back on again, it seems easier to give up.
Our bodies seem to have betrayed us, so diet and exercise can be the furthest thing from our minds.

Fail at dieting for long enough, and lose the muscle necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Age in the process, add in some hormonal changes, arthritis, or a chronic illness or auto-immune condition, and the odds look even worse.
We ache, and we lack the energy to make positive changes. We seek comfort, not challenge.

To add insult to injury, the excess weight, inactivity, and any health conditions can increase depression and anxiety and may lead to more unwanted weight gain.

The last thing on our minds is a drastic diet and exercise programme, even though our health professionals may be advising just that. Because our doctor knows that improved nutrition and regular movement can help us to overcome some of the symptoms we live with on a daily basis. And the truth is that even making small, incremental changes to what and how we eat, and moving our bodies just a little bit more, in pleasurable ways, can bring about greater results than you might have imagined.

I know. I’m a spoonie.
I live with fibromyalgia.
I’m also a recovering diet junkie, having been on more than I can count. (None of them worked in the long run. They’re not supposed to!)

I’m also a qualified nutritionist and a therapeutic coach.
I work with people like you to find what works and make it easy to incorporate small changes into your life.

Whether you need to change your diet or change your attitude about your body and your ability to change, I have the tools to help.

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