“If you think you can do a thing
or think you can’t do a thing,
you’re probably right.”

–Henry Ford





thought matters is dedicated to assisting you in making the changes that will lead you to an extraordinary life. The modalities used are fast and permanent, and the shifts in your belief structure allow you to make rapid changes.

What is the price of staying the same?

1st hour – Completely Free

Let’s arrange a phone call so you can chat with me about everything that’s going on with you.
In the process of telling me your ‘problem’ you’ll start unravelling it a little – and I’ll get a clear idea of what we need to do together to eradicate the old thinking patterns that are holding you back.

That first session is essential for us to decide if we’re a good match. It’s essential that we like and trust one another.

From there, I’ll outline possible programmes to follow.
These range in price from £99 to £1950 depending on how much work is involved. For example, if you have a straightforward fear of performing on stage, that will involve fewer sessions than if your anxiety is affecting your career, your relationship AND your self-esteem.

Once we agree which program is best for you, a payment arrangement will be made.
I’ve found that clients who make the commitment to change are the ones who get the greatest results out of their work with me – and I’m really only interested in working with people who are willing to commit to their own growth.

If finances are an issue, we can arrange a payment plan.
Keep in mind that as the modalities used are so powerful, you will need just a few appointments to make major changes in your thinking.

If you’re sick of being stuck where you are and are ready to change, call me on 07786 402 396 to arrange an appointment.
Or email me right now. What have you got to lose but some negative thinking patterns?!