If dieting worked, we’d all be at the perfect weight.

Instead, dieting has been proven to increase fat cells, disrupt metabolic function, cause muscle wastage, create cognitive changes and eating disorders, and turn people into cranky pants.

Some people are lucky. They do a 30-Day Challenge or follow a restrictive diet, lose the weight, and keep it off. By ‘some’ I mean less than 5% of the population.

The rest of us put the weight back on, and often more, and try and try again to starve ourselves down to a smaller size. With continued yo-yo dieting, the body becomes more resistant, the mind becomes more exhausted, and self-esteem begins to erode.

It’s not your fault! It’s your beautiful, wonderous body doing all it can to protect you. But that doesn’t help when it’s time to buy a new bathing suit and you’re standing in the changing room under those unforgiving lights, looking at a body you barely recognise as your own anymore.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. Stop Weighting. Turn your back on dieting. Get off the yo-yo roller coaster, ignore the so-called gurus and experts, and get back into a sane relationship with food, exercise, your body, and your mind.

Create new habits which are more compelling than the old ones, tweak your environments, shift your thinking, use your innate superpowers to get you through tough times, and learn to work with your body instead of against it.

I’m dedicated to helping people live in peace with their bodies, eating in a way which nourishes their souls as well as their cells and finding pleasurable ways to stretch and move.

In peace, there is balance. And sanity. A body you appreciate. A change of focus. And the results you’ve wanted all along.

Jennifer Clare is a therapeutic coach, nutritionist, and author of Stub Out The Habit - Quit Smoking Without Cravings Or Regrets, a book designed to help women break up with their cigarettes. She works with people to alter their mindsets to have truly extraordinary lives and to fall in love with themselves all over again. She lives near London and is either at her computer, in the kitchen, travelling, or working out in the garden.
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